What To Expect

Now that it is time to get your project underway, here is what you should expect to take place.

We will place a company sign on your property. If this is not acceptable to you or your homeowner's association, please let us know.

We will make every effort to schedule your project at a time that is convenient to the homeowner and Seaback Roofing. We will inform you of both delivery and start dates. We also check local weather reports to insure the weather will be appropriate.

Materials will be delivered on a truck by a local supplier. Please tell your sales representative if you would like your materials placed on the left or right side of your driveway.

If your old roof is being torn off, we will be placing a full size dumpster, or dumpster trailer as close to your home as possible to minimize the debris falling in your yard. We will also have several trucks near your home, we will do our best to keep your access open to your driveway. This may mean that we will have to park one or more trucks in front of your neighbors home. If you are concerned that your neighbors will feel inconvenienced, you may want to notify them of the work being done so they are prepared.

We are fully prepared if the weather turns bad during your project. Crews will seal your roof to prevent water from entering your home and we will resume work as soon as the weather permits. We also check the weather daily before beginning any tear off of a roof.

While work is in progress, we will be loading and moving material, and other operations that will cause vibrations to the interior walls and ceiling of your home. We are very careful and respectful of your property, but total elimination of vibrations is impossible. If you feel that this vibration would cause any disturbance of pictures or wall hangings you should remove these items from the wall to prevent damage.

Service lines should not be installed underneath the roof deck. If you are aware of any such lines, we should be notified immediately. We cannot be responsible for the puncture of improperly installed lines within three inches of the roof deck.

There will be debris from any construction project, most debris comes from a tear off. We try very hard to make sure that all debris is removed from the area the day we tear off, and again when we are finished with the project. We ask that you take precautions while we are there and stay clear of the debris until we have had a chance to remove it. Once we have left, we recommend you inspect your yard for any small nails or wood prior to mowing.

During the roofing process, as with any construction project, there will be noise inside the house and out, that you are not accustomed to. We will be using electric and pneumatic powered tools, along with some hand tools.

Move any cars, which are close to the property. We cannot be responsible for cars damaged by a falling shingles. Secure your dog(s) so it does not run out of the gate when roofers walk to the front and rear of the property.

As mentioned before, when we tear off and old roof, debris will fall to the ground; this could include flower beds, shrubs, bushes, if close to your house. We will make every attempt to protect the landscaping you have worked so hard on. We ask that you assist us in this process, by informing us of any particularly delicate items, and suggest or put in place the adequate protection. We are there to enhance the beauty of your home.

Upon completion of your roof you should check the interior connections of your heater and hot water heater exhaust vent pipes.

Payment may be given to the salesperson or mailed into the office upon completion of your job. The entire payment is due at the completion of the job and receipt of insurance funds.

Your roof will be covered by two warranties. A workmanship warranty and a manufacturer’s warranty for any material defects.


Seaback Roofing & Restoration are experts in storm damage roof assessmentsrepair and replacement. We will examine your roof thoroughly and prepare a
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